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In August of 2017, the Board of Directors was contacted by Leah Halper from Gavilan College, History Department and Service Learning facilitator.  She requested that our organization become a Service Learning Partner Agency with Gavilan College.

The Miller Red Barn Association became partners with two History classes, one related to Women’s History and one related to California History.  Students who applied would be doing research for us.

The vision of the Board of Directors for The Barn, is to create a learning center that honors all of the different people who have lived and worked in our area, and where our children could learn the important history of South County, as well as how they fit into it.

Researching the lives of these people, from the native tribes to the current farmers and ranchers, is a huge project.   As you can see, having students work on research for us is a Win for us and a Win for the Service Program.  Sarah Kelly, one of our founding Board members, headed up this project for us.

Sarah held orientation events for students who were interested in doing the research that the Board Members requested.  Twenty-two students signed up.  Their research is now complete, and The Miller Red Barn Association is proud to post it on our website.  The following is a list of videos made by the students that showcase their research.  Enjoy!  Here is the url to the videos.

1800s Female Teachers

Early Chinese Settlers in Santa Clara County, 1800s

Amah Mutsun Woman and Child

The story of Ascencion Solorsano

Henry Miller

Outhouses and Washboards

Italians within Santa Clara County

Japanese Bay Area History

Kitchen Appliances 1800s to Present

Discovering Henry Miller

1800s School Discipline

Henry Miller The Cattle King

Portuguese Settlers



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