Reconstruction has begun!!!

September  2021 Progress

As the painting is being completed, a beautiful RED Barn has emerged.  September will also see the electrical work begin.

August 2021 Progress

In August the Barn was power washed and we began to prep for painting.  The primer coat was applied…it was blue/grey.  Some people thought that the Red Barn had changed into the Blue Barn.  Who knew that our painter, Darren Baker, was such a great photographer (the first 5 pictures are his). 

June and July 2021 Progress

Progress was stalled because we were in between Grants.

May 2021 Progress

The removal of the old Filice Family home and the a Garlic Festival trailer.  Both units had been broken into, with holes in the roof and all around the foundations.  The house was built during the time of asbestos use.  The trailer had not been used in many years and was quite dilapidated.

The now cleared out area is planned to have a small stage fitted beautifully into the grove of old trees…just think of the possibilities. 

April 2021 Progress

The new doors for the inside and outside of the Barn are being built onsite.  They look GREAT!!!  We are testing paint colors on the outside walls, a handsome red and contrasting white.

March 2021 Progress

March 2021 saw replacement siding going up on the exterior Barn walls, subflooring for the back section of the Barn, and additional support trusses being installed.  The back section of the Barn will have a tongue and groove floor when the Barn is completed.

January and February 2021 Progress

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reconstruction was stalled.

December 2020 Progress

In December of 2020, we poured the new concrete floor in the main section of the Barn and the breezeway.  The floor has been stamped to look like a wood plank floor.  Once interior construction is completed, the floor will be stained and sealed.  The finished product will ‘look and feel’ like an old wood floor.

September, October and November 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reconstruction was stalled.

August 2020 Progress

These pictures are of the North end of the Barn.  The lifting and foundation work was done separately from the main portion of the Barn.  August saw the foundation completed and the Barn bolted to the new foundation.

July 2020 Progress

July saw us putting the base rock into the large section of the Barn.  The Barn will eventually have a concrete slab floor in its main section.  After the base rock is compacted, then a moisture barrier will be laid.  The final step is to pour the cement.

June 2020 Progress

In June we poured the foundation for the Barn.  When the Barn was originally built in 1891, it sat on a mudsill,  which, was the norm for that time.  Since, the Barn is now 129 years old, the mudsill has held up pretty well.  However, the critters sure have made some inroads.  To level the Barn, one side needed to be lifted 12 inches.


April and May 2020 Progress

Due to the generosity and support of the people of Gilroy and the Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Commission, we have been able to begin the next phase of reconstruction of The Miller Red Barn.  This phase includes; leveling the barn, foundation preservation, interior concrete slab replacement, and structural upgrades.

Here are some pictures of what has been happening at the Barn.

2017 Progress

During the Winter of 2016 the roof on the Barn sustained a great deal of damage. It became imperative that the old roof be replaced as soon as possible. Thanks to our generous supporters we were able to accomplish the feat in 2017.

2016 Progress

The first step in getting the Barn ready for reconstruction, was cleaning out years of debris, toxic materials, and biohazardous materials.

2016, saw the Miller Red Barn become a State and National Registered Landmark.  It also saw the Barn cleaned out from years of neglect, the ravages of time, and critters.  With the assistance of Recology South Valley, South Valley Community Church, The Miller Red Barn Board of Directors, many volunteers and specifically Steve Ashford, the task of cleaning out the debris and junk, that had been in the Barn for years, happened. 

Here are some photos from the Clean Up Day, taken by Phillip Laursen;